Vision5 / Web5 (soon)

Vision5 will be creating a new advanced alternative to the Worldwide Web called Web5 that will include: a new multilingual URL scheme that does not conflict with the existing one; data privacy and security at the network level; everything you find in social networking platforms (including Facebook Graph) at the network level; many or all of the ideas in the Xanadu Project; free hosting for all websites; tools to build websites that can be hosted on servers or blockchains, and much much more. We'll also be using Web5 for philanthropy, and Humanity5 is the other half of Vision5. We have lots of philanthropic projects lined up in 8 different countries, once things start to take off. Most of the posts on our Facebook page (@www5vision) represent our intentions on making the world a better place. More details will be provided closer to the launch on April 18th 2019, at which time investors will be able to get in early on this exciting opportunity.